We are an innovative team, engaged and proactive in different technical specialties and knowledge areas that range from Sustainability and Environmental Management to Software Development, delivering a flexible service with great support for your organization, always seeking continuous improvement.

Our goal is to reduce the risks that our clients face, joining them in their sustainability projects, simplifying and accelerating management within their organization including all of their stakeholders, enabling them to access an improved decision-making process and collaborating with an environmentally responsible model of development.

Research and development moves and motivates us. We have more than 5 years in knowledge and experience. Always looking to improve and continuously develop our software: MIMASOFT.


Agile Methodologies

We apply agile methodologies, reducing implementation risks by means of early delivery, gathering and assessing the progress of strategic goals.

We live in a continuous circle of improvement of our own tools, researching and innovating to help you to develop and reach the operational excellence you need, through a unique platform, always caring about our clients.



We diagnose key aspects of your activities, operations or sustainability management systems. We analyze and generate an inventory of data considering the particularities of your organization to design and implement a data flow that replicates your internal workflow. If you do not have this information, we help you to generate it according to your needs.


We integrate data models and analysis in our tool, configuring the different modules, security and access. MIMASOFT is available in the cloud as well as in your local or external servers. If you require the development of additional features, in this step, we will design them according to your needs.


We deliver support from the first day and during the whole service period, receiving your questions, identifying issues and supporting data load so you can take full advantage of MIMASOFT.