We believe in a world where society rediscovers what it means to be a part of nature, and to overcome the narrowness between development and clean production.

In MIMASOFT we embrace diversity. Sustainability is diversity. It is opening our minds, overcoming the Earth´s finite limits  and rebuilding the future by adding the social, environmental and cultural reality. 

Innovation is the engine and opportunity to integrate ourselves into the world we belong to and address the challenge of making the world better than the one we have received. 

Mission and team

We are an interdisciplinary and inclusive team where technology is at the service of life and environmental preservation. We believe that digital transformation allows us to improve the management of environmental impacts of the business’ and companies’ activities. We work every day motivated by this motivation of change.

More than five years ago, we started with MIMASOFT´s first software, a pioneer in the measurement of environmental impacts based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Chile.

interdisciplinary team
MIMasoft Mission and team


We implement the Life Cycle Thinking method in all our projects because we understand that the environmental impacts are not just a snapshot of a moment but must be understood from ´the cradle to the grave´. The impact categories transcend only the carbon and water footprint.

To reduce the risks of implementation, we work based on the agile methodologies with early releases, collecting and evaluating the stages of each strategic goal’s achievement.

Let’s inspire a sustainable future. 

Be part of the change that our planet needs, MIMASOFT is your strategic partner for the digital transformation in sustainability.

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