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Take control of your environmental impacts.

MIMAsoft measures and monitors sustainability management thanks to our unique algorithms, delivering the information that you need in real-time, improving analysis and enabling better decision making.

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Specific needs, customized modules:
Simplify your sustainability management!
Combine and mix the modules to your needs, we will support your sustainable growth from what is necessary to excellence. Start with modules that are specifically tailored and onboard your KPIs as you go, or get 9 modules at a time and achieve total control of your business’ sustainability and performance.
impact module


Real-time, step-by-step impact tracking of your productive system by diverse environmental footprints throughout its life cycle.

Automatic calculation of impacts and key indicators

More than 20 categories of environmental impact

Customizable KPIs

impact module


Supervises how every production process takes part in the environmental impact of your organization.

Detailed analysis of impacts segmented by productive process

Identifies critical points of operation

Generates opportunities for improvement and anticipated strategic decisions

waste module


Organizes and controls every detail of waste management, incorporating providers without delaying regulatory compliance.

Detailed analysis by type of waste and treatment

Administration of storage and waste removal

Indicators according to levels of production

complement module


Facilitates current regulatory compliance, commitments, environmental permits, improving monitoring and control.

Avoids and reduces the risk of breaches and environmental fines

Monitor every permit individually according to the environmental aspect, the person responsible, among other filters

communities module


Monitors the environmental impact of the relationship with organizations and communities.

Details of the communities related to your organization

Follows up with the status of agreements

Registers the interactions with the community

training module


Manage all the training activities of your organization and stakeholders by analyzing the results obtained.

Multiple training tools

Personalized follow-up for students

Incorporates all trainees

contingency module


Know, in real-time, the occurrence of findings or environmental incidents and security-wise during your operations.

Specialized tracking of relevant operational information

Control critical aspects of the processes on your enterprise

Traceability of all contingencies

circularity module


Measure and incorporate circularity in your enterprises’ aspects, allowing improvement and achieving higher utility in your products and services.

Analyze the impact of your inputs and outputs

Compare the degree of circularity of different products, services, processes or proyects

report module


Customized and automated reports required by different internal and external stakeholders.

Personalize indicators, graphs and presentations

Facilitate traceability and monitoring of environmental performance

Customized design with different visualization formats




Increases the value of your business and compromise to  the environment



Automate your processes of information management


Cost efficient

Reduces your spending on external consultation and labor hours management



Identify the hotspots in your productive processes



Dynamizes the delivery of reports according to your needs



Maintains your permits and compromises in an effective way



Achieves your international and national verifications and certifications



Rely on our continuous support during your management decisions

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Enel Generación

MIMAsoft has been implemented in 23 renewable non-conventional energy plants, in Chile and Peru, under Solar, photovoltaic, wind, and hydroelectric technologies. 

Development and design of the integrated environmental management model

Integration with local information tools

Customized dashboard and reports

7 modules have been implemented: Reports, Compliances, Communities, Impacts, Processes, Circularity and Trainings.

Support during the process of verification and certification

Corporate carbon footprint measurement

1° Prize: Place Hall of Energies – Enel Group Italy 2017

2° Prize:: Place National natural environment prize , Recyclápolis Chile 2017







Initiatives were taken with the following impact:

  • Reduction of environmental impact 20% 20%
  • Carbon footprint reduction 47% 47%

non-conventional renewable energies plants


reduction in labor hours

active users

Successful stories



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Measure, monitor and forecast the impact on air quality in real time

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Collect, store and interpret the environmental noise levels of your company.

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Mide, monitorea y pronostica el impacto sobre la calidad del aire en tiempo real

MIMacustico logo product

Collect, store and interpret the environmental noise levels of your company.

Let’s inspire a sustainable future.

Be part of the change that our planet needs, MIMASOFT is your strategic partner for the digital transformation in sustainability.

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