Measure, monitor and manage the water footprint of your organization’s activities in real time.

MIMAgua automates the water footprint of your activities, allowing you to make better and faster decisions to increase water efficiency, climate adaptation and competitiveness in your industry.

Calculate your water footprint using an integrated algorithm

MIMAgua adapts to your production processes to automatically measure the water footprint of your activities.

Updated indicators in real time according to the generation of data from your activities.

ISO 14.046 references, an internationally recognized methodology for measuring water footprint.

Performance of your production processes in the use and impact of water resources

Connect and manage your water footprint

MIMAgua connects to water quality and consumption monitoring instruments to centralize information in real time.

Interpretation of water monitoring data

Critical points for managing improvements in the efficient use of water resources

Flexible and customized reporting system

Manage water use compliance

MIMAgua manages permits and environmental commitments associated with water use.

Compliance indicators

Manage activities, responsible parties and progress status

Reduces the risk of non-compliance with document management and alerts



Performance and critical points of water resource use.


Automatic and customized reporting


Monitoring of compliance with your regulatory obligations


Integrates information and management tools, as well as a network of users


Improves information management and identifies improvement opportunities for water use


Minimizes critical environmental events associated with water


Consolidated, detailed and orderly information to develop environmental plans


Training and support throughout configuration and use

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